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Sword Cleaning Kit

Sword Cleaning Kit

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The kit is a comprehensive cleaning set designed for swords and knives, neatly packed in a traditional Japanese box. Although initially intended for Katana swords, it can also be used for maintaining high carbon and Damascus steel blades.

The kit consists of essential tools such as a Mekugi-nuki for removing pegs, an Uchiko ball for powdering, sword oil for lubrication, a cleaning cloth, and a convenient storage box

How to use:

Using the Kit:

Mekugi-Nuki (Peg Removal Tool) - Take the brass mallet and unscrew the short pin on top of the Mekugi-nuki. Place the larger end of the pin on top of the Mekugi (peg) and gently hammer it. Start by partially removing the Menuki and then turn the pin to complete the removal. Note that it's best to avoid using steel tools as they can potentially damage the blade. A brass hammer or wooden mallet, along with a punch, can also be used for this task.

Uchiko Ball - The Uchiko ball contains finely ground stone powder (hazuya and jizuya) and is wrapped in silk. Begin by wiping the blade with the cleaning cloth to remove any old oil. There are two methods to apply the Uchiko powder. The common method involves gently tapping the Uchiko ball along the flat of the blade, moving from one side to the other every few inches. Alternatively, the more traditional method involves holding the blade vertically and tapping the ball along the spine at regular intervals. The fine powder particles will adhere to the blade while the heavier particles will fall past it. Afterward, use another cloth to wipe off the powder from the blade, moving from hilt to tip along the spine in one direction. Remember, the goal at this stage is to remove the powder and excess oil, not to polish or scratch the blade. Once the powder is removed, you can inspect the blade and apply a new light coating of oil using a soft, clean cloth or tissue.

Sword Oil - Take the cleaning cloth and apply a light coating of sword oil to the blade.

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